Alex Green, CFP®


My professional and financial career started after receiving a diploma in Business Marketing at Fanshawe College. I was working with a large Canadian chartered bank in a role where I sold credit products to people who were either lacking the knowledge or financial means to use them responsibly or effectively. I could easily see that there was a need in the financial marketplace for sound and unbiased advice for individuals. This was when I discovered my passion for helping people in an honest and meaningful way.

My exposure to the financial world came early on as both my parents had worked overseas in the international money markets. Back in Canada my father started a career as a Certified Financial Planner and my mother as an investment advisor at a major brokerage. Through watching their careers unfold, I saw the advantage of working directly with clients in a comprehensive and trusted advisory role, not as a seller of financial products. I quickly made a decision to leave my job with the bank. I joined my father’s independent financial planning firm in 2003. It was here that I learned about the business from the ground up, by first facilitating all of the back-office and administrative requirements. I learned how to effectively run a business and the importance of putting the clients first. By 2006, I had become licensed to sell mutual funds and built up my own book of clients. Shortly thereafter, I decided to leave the financial advisory industry to pursue some personal goals as well as gain some additional work experience in the corporate world. 

After spending several years working in a sales role for both large and small companies, it became clear to me that I could no longer work in a position that compromised my need to put the clients first. In early 2013, I chose to return to the financial planning field and rejoin my father’s firm as a partner. Upon his planned retirement in late 2014, I set up my own financial planning firm, GreenTree Wealth Management Limited. Through my own experiences and those of my clients, I have learned first-hand the value and importance of having quality financial advice.

I believe that in order to provide meaningful financial advice, a focused education is essential. As such, I have acquired a diploma in Financial Planning from the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning. More importantly, I have attained my Certified Financial Planning designation (CFP).

After spending many years both working and living in downtown Toronto, I now have a much quieter lifestyle residing in rural Rockwood, ON with my wife, Meghan and our four children, daughters - Parker, Ryan & Maisie and son - Thomas.