GreenTree Wealth Management is a boutique financial planning firm providing unbiased advice. Our mission is to help our clients to develop the behaviours and discipline that are essential to reaching their financial goals. Instead of simply selling investments, we use our Plant, Grow, Thrive strategy to build a roadmap to financial freedom.


"We live in a world where people need unbiased financial advice more than ever before - sadly it has become increasingly hard to find. People don’t want to be ‘sold’ an investment; they want to partner with someone whom they trust and who understands their specific needs. Our goal is to help our clients make better financial decisions when facing change. There is no cookie-cutter approach to doing this. It involves a combination of healthy financial habits from the client in addition to the financial planner having sound understanding of the client's financial situation. It also requires a relationship between the client and financial planner that is open, honest and built on trust. It is our belief that people prefer to work with someone who knows them, their family and their unique set of opportunities and challenges. At GreenTree Wealth Management we don’t have a quota to reach and we aren’t being told to sell products by a management team who know nothing about you. We firmly believe that the client comes first – without question."

- President & Founder, Alex Green, CFP®

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How we are different...


We start by taking the logical first step – understanding your needs and what you want your money to do for you or your family. Only after we know the destination can we draw a map to get there. By taking this approach we avoid an all too common conflict of interest that arises in the financial industry where advisors start with products to sell and investments to recommend. 

Here is where we see things differently. We believe in three time-tested core principles that create success for clients making financial decisions:

1. Develop good financial habits to create wealth

It is through discipline and behaviour that you will achieve your goals. Adhering to an appropriate savings strategy will be paramount to meeting your financial objectives. Expectations for both parties need to be clearly defined at the onset of the client/planner relationship. Success will come from you doing your part and us doing ours. The financial markets are beyond our control, but your decisions and actions are very much within it.



2. Avoid the “Market” trap

As an investor, forecasting the financial markets doesn’t work. It’s not the price of gold or success of the U.S. equity market that is ultimately going to get you where you want to be. Understandably the financial markets play a role, but basically they’re just one of many tools you will use. Too often, people get distracted by a tip about a “hot stock” or what they read in the paper or perhaps they even feel that the can effectively time the market. A few individuals may get lucky with this approach, but most won’t. The key to your success will be having a process and sticking to it, regardless of what is trending in the financial markets.



3. Be adaptable

Planning needs to be an ongoing conversation. Life can be unpredictable and so can the financial markets. It is important to acknowledge that no amount of planning can account for all of life’s uncertainties. Therefore we must develop a plan that’s within your tolerance for risk and explore the possibility that the worst case scenario can happen. We will also need to have some flexibility to be able to adapt to changes in your life and the economic environment.


Plant - Grow - Thrive



This is where it all starts. As the adage goes “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”. At GreenTree we’ll work together to ‘Plant’ certain behaviours and develop a discipline that will allow you to create wealth. Wealth is not just about money, it is about living a lifestyle that enables you to enjoy what’s important to you. In order to do this effectively we will identify your financial goals and objectives. We’ll also establish a time frame and the investment required to achieve these targets. Living within your means is a must, therefore we will also need to determine how realistic your goals are and assess your financial resources as well as any potential obstacles. We can now begin to build your wealth through the development of a personalized financial plan.

Once this step is complete it’s time to ‘Grow’.



Our focus now turns to implementing the various strategies defined in your financial plan and monitoring their success. This involves following the plan using the behaviours and discipline that were developed in the ‘Plant’ stage. Remember, the plan is only effective if it’s adhered to. Much like you, your plan will grow, change and adapt to your evolving lifestyle, be it a new home or the addition of children. Now that you’re well on your way to achieving your financial goals you’ll be able to focus your time and energy on the things in life that matter the most to you – like your family or your career.

You are almost ready to 'Thrive'



Now that the little acorn has grown to be a mighty oak, much like you, its needs will have changed. When you reach the ‘Thrive’ stage you’re approaching a point in your life where your priorities have matured, and likely no longer reflect those set out in the ‘Plant’ and ‘Grow’ stages. You may now be focused on things like living your dream or creating a legacy. Whatever your new goals may be, the underlying objective will be to preserve your wealth. However, with little or no employment income to support your expenses it’s essential that you have an appropriate financial strategy.  We achieve this by working together to create a retirement plan with cash-flow projections. This plan will provide you with some perspective on your financial ability to maintain your desired lifestyle throughout your retirement or semi-retirement years. Finally, we will discuss the creation of an estate plan to efficiently distribute any remaining assets in accordance with your wishes.



Life Stages

New Career and/or Family

If you’re just starting out in a new career or planning for your new family, you’re going to be faced with numerous questions and likely even more answers – many of which can seem conflicting. What’s more, you may not understand the complexities of the investment world, which can create confusion, frustration, and perhaps even a reluctance to get started. You may have sought advice only to feel as though no one will take the time to listen to your questions or explain things in a way you can understand. It is important to recognize that even though there may be other people with circumstances similar to yours, your financial solution is unique.


Established Career and/or Family

Whether you have built a career, raised a family or done both, it is certain that you have dealt with a number of financial opportunities and obstacles along the way. However, your situation has now changed and you need different advice. With a shift in priorities, this new stage of your life requires a different perspective and likely a review and revision of your goals and objectives.


Retirement/Empty Nesters

You think you are ready to retire, but you aren’t quite sure. The children have moved on and started their own lives and you are winding up your career to settle in to a more relaxed lifestyle. This brings to question ‘what happens next?’. You may have thought that at this stage in life things would be simpler; yet somehow they seem more complex. For many, their financial planning was aimed solely on reaching this this point in their life without much thought as to what they will do once they arrive. Without proper financial guidance this time of reflection and repose can be transformed into a period of stress and anxiety.




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